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Budget Propane Customer Appreciation Week May 6th-10th. Discounted Cylinder Fills: A Token of Our Gratitude

Your Home's Energy Diet: 3 Tips for Reducing Costs

Celebrating National Propane Day: Powering Tomorrow with Cleaner, Affordable Energy

Rely on Propane: The Benefits of Propane Powered Generators

The Heat is On: Benefits of Propane Water Heater for Your Home

Propane: A Clean and Low Emission Fuel Option

Choosing the Right Propane Tank for Your Home Energy Needs

Simplify and Streamline Your Propane Deliveries with Remote Monitoring

Key Considerations for Homeowners When Choosing a Propane Supplier

Propane Versus Electric Water Heaters

The Advantages of a Propane Back-up Generator

Grilling with Propane - Your Backyard Checklist

Outdoor Living Enhanced with Propane Appliances

5 Reasons to Choose Budget Propane for your Home or Business

You're Invited to Our Customer Appreciation Week

Get Ready for BBQ Season - Propane Safety Tips

The Advantages of Using a Propane Heater for Your Pool or Spa

Proper Disposal of Refillable Propane Cylinders

Learn About Switching to Propane from Heating Oil in this Guide

5 Ways Propane Can Empower Off-Grid Living

Why it Makes Sense to Install a Propane Fireplace

Handling and Transporting Small Propane Cylinders

7 Tips For Opening Your Cottage this Spring

Propane Water Heater: A Greener and More Cost-Effective Home Solution

Flood Safety Information for Propane

Quick Facts About Propane Tank Installations

Learn About Propane Tanks

Why Propane is a Key Player in the Green Energy Sector

Builder or Contractor? Here's Why to Partner with Budget Propane

Winter Outdoor Living with Propane Energy

6 Important Uses of Propane in the Construction Industry

Building Your Dream Home? Why Choose Propane for Heating and More...

The Top 5 Most Popular Budget Propane Blogs in 2022

Winter Propane Delivery - What You Need to Know

4 Reasons to Switch from Heating Oil to Propane Energy

Propane Patio Heater Safety Tips

Propane Safety Tips for Heating Your Home This Winter Season

Cozy-up to a Propane Fireplace this Winter

Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips You Need to Know

New to Propane?  Here's a Guide for Homeowners

Storms & Extreme Weather - Propane Safety Tips

Learn About Propane Delivery Options With Budget Propane

Light Up Your Home With Propane Real Flame Lighting!

Propane Heat for Construction - Heaters and Radiators

Here's How to Prepare Your Cottage for the Winter

The Benefits of Installing a Propane Fireplace

What Makes Propane the Best Choice for Standby Power?

What is propane gas?

Patio Heater Safety Tips For Backyard Patios & Restaurants

How do I Check the Level of my Propane Tank?

How Does a Propane Refrigerator Work?

Benefits of Installing a Propane Heated Water Tank

Home & Property Tips For When You are Away on Holidays

Ideas to Help Reduce Your Energy Bills in the Summer

3 Ways to Check the Fill Level of Your Propane Tank

3 Ways Propane Enhances Your Outdoor Living Space

Budget Propane in the Community - Supporting Camp Winston

Safety Tips for Propane Fire Pits

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Summer This Year With the Power of Propane

HVAC Partnerships with Budget Propane

Keep Cool With Propane Powered Air Conditioning

Here's the Benefits of Using Propane Gas for Your Agricultural Business

BBQ Safety Tips from the Canadian Propane Association

Propane Pool / Spa Heaters and Outdoor Fireplaces

Earth Day! Home Sustainability & Propane Energy

Flood Season Safety Tips from the Canadian Propane Association

Opening Your Cottage in the Spring

Guide to Propane Tanks

Energy-Saving Propane Appliances - Learn From HGTV

10 Propane Myths Busted (Part 2)

The Ultimate Opening-Weekend Checklist for Your Ontario-Based Cottage

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Propane-Powered Appliances

10 Propane Myths Busted (Part 1)

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Wood Stove to a Propane Stove

Propane in Your Community - Agriculture

The Propane Story: Your Complete Guide Propane and its Uses

Tips For Choosing a Propane Supplier in Muskoka

Is Propane a Better Choice Than Oil For Heating?

Canada’s Most Popular Alternative Vehicle Fuel - Propane!

Cozy Up to an LP Propane Gas Fireplace this Winter

Energy Saving Tips from the Canadian Propane Association

CPA Press Release: Governments Must Help Canadians With Energy Costs

5 Propane Safety Tips for Heating Your Home This Winter

Get Your Cottage Winter-Ready With These Tips

We're Proud to Support the CNIB Muskoka Dock-to-Dock Fundraising Event

Automate Your Propane Deliveries This Fall & Winter

How to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey Using Propane

Propane Tips: Prepare Your Home for Fall & Winter

Top Benefits of Installing a Propane Fireplace

Propane in Your Community - Golf Courses

6 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills in Ontario This Summer

Cooking With Propane - Commercial Propane for Restaurants

Propane Versus Oil - Comparing Versatility & Efficiency

How to Dispose of an Old Propane Refillable Cylinder

Heading off on Summer Vacation? 5 Tips That Will Help You Save Energy

Why is Propane Energy a Better Choice?

Propane is Ideal for Homes, Commercial Buildings, Construction & More

Important Considerations When Buying a House With Propane

Propane Safety - What You Need to Know

Do's and Don'ts of Operating a Propane BBQ

Low-Emission Propane Helps Fight Climate Change

How to Choose a Propane Supplier

Propane Applications: What Can Propane be Used For?

Customer Appreciation Week - May 10th to 14th, 2021

Using a Standby Propane Generator? Here’s Why You Need a Tank Monitor

Frequently Asked Questions About Propane Installations

New to Propane? Here's a Guide for Homeowners

Commercial Restaurant Kitchens Choose Propane

Water Heater - Electric or Propane?

Propane for Agricultural & Horticultural Businesses

Learn About Propane: Cylinder Collar Markings

Carbon Monoxide Safety - Where to Place Detectors

6 Reasons Why Propane is Green Energy (Part 2)

6 Reasons Why Propane is Green Energy (Part 1)

5 Important Reasons to Upgrade Your Oil Furnace to Propane

Oil to Propane: Buying an Older Rural Home in 2021

Supporting Organizations That Help Canadians

Considering a Propane Water Heater? Here's the Benefits

5 Important Considerations When Comparing Propane Suppliers

Propane is a Versatile Energy Source for Every Room in Your House

Take Advantage of Smart Technology to Monitor Your Propane Tank

The Importance of Customer Reviews

Fighting Climate Change with Low-Emission Propane

Security & Maintenance Tips for Looking After a Vacant Cottage or Home

Get the Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Your Propane Tank

Budget in Our Community - CNIB Lake Joe

Propane Myth-Busters - Here’s 4 Misconceptions About Propane

New to Propane Energy? Tips for Both Renters and Homeowners

Safety Defines Today’s Propane Industry

Infographic - Propane Vs. Electric for Home Heating and More..

Replace Your Electric Hot Water Heater with Propane

Safety Tips for Using Propane on Your Construction Site

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Propane-Powered Home in Ontario

Budget Propane Announces Partnership with Simcoe Compressed Gas

We’re Celebrating Propane Day - It’s a Worldwide Event!

Get Ready for Barbecue Season With These Safety Tips

Budget Propane's Customer Appreciation Week - May 25th to May 29th

3 Reasons To Automate Deliveries With Remote Tank Monitoring

Propane Helps Homeowners Create an Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

Propane & Children: Talking About Safety

Budget Propane Supports Teen Challenge

Living off the grid Part 2 - Energy options

What is Living Off the Energy & Water Grid? Part 1

Need to Contact Budget Propane Ontario? We're Here to Help

Propane Safety: What is a Combustible Gas Detector?

What is a Propane Regulator and How Does it Work?

What Should I do in the Event of a Propane Emergency?

What do the Markings on my Propane Cylinder Mean?

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Propane for Your Commercial Business

Why Propane is the Perfect Energy for Your Remote Home or Cottage

Looking to Buy a Generator For Your Home? 4 Questions You Should Ask

Is Propane the Right Choice for My Business? 4 Common Questions

10 Facts That Make Propane One of the Best Home Energy Sources

Our Top 5 Propane Blogs From 2019

Why do Propane Prices Fluctuate?

5 Reasons Why Propane is a Smart Choice for Commercial Buildings

Household Propane: Understanding the Propane Tank Installation Process

How to Prepare Your Propane-Powered Home for Winter Storms

Use Propane Smart Tank Monitoring to Protect Your Home This Winter

What Propane Tank Size is Right For Your Household?

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills This Fall and Winter

FAQs: Answering Some of Your Common Propane Tank Questions

5 Qualities to Look For in a Propane Supplier

How to Prepare Your Home’s Propane Appliances for Winter

How to Safely Use Propane in Your RV or Motorhome

Propane Safety: What Does Propane Smell Like?

Extend Summer With These Outdoor Patio Propane Appliances

How to Keep the Propane in Your Muskoka Home Safe From Flooding

Why Budget Propane is the Perfect Propane Partner for Home Builders

4 Tips That Will Help You Maintain Your Propane Tank and Appliances

Time to Replace Your Propane Water Heater? 4 Signs You're Right

Why is my Propane Tank Only 80% Filled?

Why Propane is the Perfect Low-Emission Solution

How is Propane Made and Why Does it Matter?

Why Propane is Canada’s Most Popular Alternative Vehicle Fuel

What are the Benefits of Using Propane Gas for Your Farming Business?

Is Propane a Good Choice for my Building or Construction Site?

3 Questions to ask When Choosing Your Propane Supplier

Buying a Propane-Powered Home? Ask These 4 Questions First

5 Benefits of a Propane Heating Solution for Your Commercial Building

Do I Need a Professional to Install my Propane Appliances?

LPG Gas: What is the Difference Between Propane and Butane?

Looking to Save Money When Cooking? 6 Advantages of a Propane Stove

New Year’s Resolution to Save Money? Make the Change to Propane

Budget Propane Donates 4,000 Litres of Propane to Heat Bank Haliburton

Here are 3 Reasons You Should Consider Automated Propane Delivery

Keep Your Family Safe This Winter With These Heating Safety Tips

5 Home Energy Saving Tips That Will Help You Save Money This Winter

Cozy up in Your Hard-to-Heat Room with a Propane Space Heater

Propane Fireplace: 10 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

How to Use Your Propane Supply Efficiently This Winter

3 Propane Tank Noises and What They Mean

15 Reasons Why Propane is the Best Choice For You

6 Propane Tips That Will Help You have a Safe and Comfortable Winter

Getting to Know Propane: 4 Commonly Asked Questions

No More Electricity: How a Propane Water Heater Saves You Money

Budget Propane Continues its Support for Prostate Cancer Canada

Is My Propane Tank Leaking?

Check the Small Print: Make Sure Your Cottage Is Insured this Winter

How to Prepare Your Cottage for the Winter Season

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