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The Ultimate Opening-Weekend Checklist for Your Ontario-Based Cottage

Propane Safety: What is a Combustible Gas Detector?

What is a Propane Regulator and How Does it Work?

Key Considerations When Buying a House With Propane

What Should I do in the Event of a Propane Emergency?

What do the Markings on my Propane Cylinder Mean?

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Propane for Your Commercial Business

Why Propane is the Perfect Energy Choice for Your Remote Home or Cottage

Is Propane the Right Choice for My Business? 4 Common Questions

10 Environmental Facts That Make Propane One of the Best Energy Sources for Your Home

Our Top 5 Propane Blogs From 2019

Why do Propane Prices Fluctuate?

5 Reasons Why Propane is a Smart Choice for Commercial Buildings

Household Propane: Understanding the Propane Tank Installation Process

How to Prepare Your Propane-Powered Home for Winter Storms

Use Propane Smart Tank Monitoring to Protect Your Home This Winter

What Propane Tank Size is Right For Your Household?

5 Propane Safety Tips for Heating Your Home This Winter

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills This Fall and Winter

FAQs: Answering Some of Your Common Propane Tank Questions

5 Qualities to Look For in a Propane Supplier

How to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey Using Propane

5 Tips That Will Help You Prepare Your Cottage for the Winter Season

How to Prepare Your Home’s Propane Appliances for Winter

How to Safely Use Propane in Your RV or Motorhome

Propane Safety: What Does Propane Smell Like?

Extend Summer With These Outdoor Patio Propane Appliances for Your Home or Cottage

How to Properly Dispose of an Expired or Damaged Propane Cylinder

How to Keep the Propane in Your Muskoka Home Safe From Flooding

Looking to Buy a Generator For Your Home? Here’s 4 Questions You Should Ask

Why Budget Propane Ontario is the Perfect Propane Partner for Home Builders

Heading off on Summer Vacation? Here’s 5 Tips That Will Ensure You Save Energy

4 Tips That Will Help You Maintain Your Propane Tank and Propane Appliances

Time to Replace Your Propane Water Heater? 4 Signs That You Could be Right

Why is my Propane Tank Only 80% Filled?

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Summer This Year With the Power of Propane

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Propane-Powered Appliances

Why Propane is the Perfect Low-Emission Solution for Both Businesses and Residential Properties

Propane Applications: What Can Propane be Used For?

How is Propane Made and Why Does it Matter?

Why Propane is Canada’s Most Popular Alternative Vehicle Fuel

What are the Benefits of Using Propane Gas for Your Farming Business?

5 Propane Safety Tips for the Construction Site

Is Propane a Good Choice for my Building or Construction Site?

3 Questions to ask When Choosing Your Propane Supplier

Buying a Propane-Powered Home? Ask These 4 Questions First

5 Reasons why you Should Choose a Propane Heating Solution for Your Commercial Building

Do I Need a Professional to Install my Propane Appliances?

How do I Check the Level of my Propane Tank?

LPG Gas: What is the Difference Between Propane and Butane?

Can Propane Help me Live a Greener and More Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle?

Looking to Save Money When Cooking? 6 Advantages of Using a Propane Stove

New Year’s Resolution to Save Money? Make the Change to Propane

Budget Propane Ontario Donates 4,000 Litres of Propane to Heat Bank Haliburton

Tips for First Time Propane Users for Both Renters and Homeowners

Are You a Will Call Customer? Here are 3 Reasons You Should Consider Automated Delivery

Keep Your Family Safe This Winter With These Heating Safety Tips

5 Energy Saving Tips in Your Home That Will Help You Save Money This Winter

Cozy up in Your Hard-to-Heat Room with a Propane Space Heater

Operating Your Propane Fireplace: 10 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

How to Use Your Propane Supply Efficiently This Winter

5 Benefits of Owning a Propane Fireplace This Winter

3 Propane Tank Noises and What They Mean

15 Reasons Why Propane is the Best Choice For You

5 Tips for Winter Propane Delivery

6 Propane Tips That Will Help You have a Safe and Comfortable Winter

Getting to Know Propane: 4 Commonly Asked Questions

Pull the Plug on Electricity: How a Propane Water Heater Can Save You Money

Budget Propane Ontario Continues its Long-Standing Support for Prostate Cancer Canada

Is My Propane Tank Leaking?

Check the Small Print: Make Sure Your Cottage Is Insured this Winter

How to Prepare Your Cottage for the Winter Season

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Save Money This Fall

Are You a HVAC Contractor Looking for Propane?

Why Propane is a Great Choice to Power Your Construction Site

Budget Propane Loves to Hear Customer Feedback

Why Propane is the Best Option for Your RV

Propane Tanks: Which Style and Size is the Right Choice For You?

Automated Tank Monitoring is the Future of Propane Delivery

5 Reasons You Should Start Using Propane in Your Restaurant

Prepare for Barbecue Season With These Propane Safety Tips

Make the Most of Your Backyard this Summer with Propane Energy

Budget Propane - Fueling Your Desire For Live Music

6 Ways Propane Can be Used to Save Money in Your Home

Clearing Up 4 Common Myths Associated With Propane Energy

Customer Appreciation Week: A Thank You to Our Customers

6 Benefits of Installing a Propane Water Heater

Living off the grid: What are your energy options?

Living off the Grid: What Does it Mean?

Budget Propane Ontario proudly supports 2018 Recharge with Milk Tankard Curling Event

Get Your Cottage Ready for the Season with this Checklist

Tips for Looking After an Unoccupied Cottage or Vacant Home

1-2-3 It’s Easy to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home or Cottage

The Advantages of Having Propane Appliances in Your Home or Cottage

The Environmental Benefits of Using Propane as a Source of Energy

Budget Propane is proud to Support Teen Challenge for the 2nd Year!

Propane is a Versatile Fuel for all Types of Applications

Propane Energy Benefits - An Eco-Friendly Source of Energy for You

Winter Propane Delivery Safety Reminders

Budget Propane in the Community - Supporting the Camp Winston Foundation

Download Budget Propane's Winter Newsletter

Protect Your Home or Cottage from Cold Weather Damage Like Burst Pipes

Here's a Special Offer from our Sister Company Calloway Storage - Exclusive to Budget Propane Customers

Our Canadian Winter is Fast Approaching - How is Your Propane Supply?

Learn About the Benefits of Cooking with a Propane Stove

Propane Delivery Service Key to Customer Satisfaction

Budget Propane Supports Camp Ooch and Their Incredible Mission

Propane Vs. Electric - 8 Reasons to Opt for Propane

Propane Safety - What You Need to Know

Have You Read Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy? Be Winter Ready!

Budget Propane in the Community - Firefighter Training

Learn About Carbon Monoxide Safety

Take Advantage of Smart Technology to Monitor Your Propane Heating

Introducing Smart Propane Tank Monitoring from Budget Propane

Clean & Green - Propane is Environmentally Friendly!

Budget Propane's New Online Chat is Live!

About Propane - Its History & Applications

Why Should I Use Propane Instead of Oil?

Propane Barbecue Safety Tips From Budget Propane

Learn About Propane and the Canadian Propane Industry

3 Reasons to Unplug Your Electric Water Heater and Switch to Propane!

Save on Your 2017 Energy Bill With Propane

Why Propane is a Better Choice for Homes & Cottages in Ontario

Online Access to Your Budget Propane Account

Propane Is the Perfect Solution for Builders and Subcontractors

Why Do Propane Tank Gauges Fluctuate in Warm Weather?

Calling All HVAC Contractors - Partner With Budget Propane

Save Energy While You're Away At The Cottage

Propane Is One of the Safest Energy Sources

Propane Is The Perfect Fuel For Your New Cottage

Quick Facts About Propane Tank Installation in Ontario

What to Think About When Opening Your Cottage This Spring

Budget Propane's Sister Company Calloway Storage is Offering a Special Spring Promotion

Why You Can Trust Budget Propane to be Your Propane Provider

First Time Home Propane Users

Budget Propane is Now Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

Budget Propane Supports Teen Challenge

Propane Safety Tips for You and Your Family

Why Propane is the Environmentally Friendly Option

Save This January with Budget Propane

Budget Propane Winter Newsletter

4 Tips to Using Your Propane Grill in the Winter

Benefits of a Propane Generator

Cap and Trade

Season's Greetings From Budget Propane!

Do You Hear Noises Coming From Your Propane Tank?

Winter Service Tips for Propane Delivery

Important Safety Tip: Prevent Your Pipes From Bursting This Winter

What Are the Benefits of Using Propane Heating Appliances?

Why Installing a Propane Water Heater in Your Home is the Smart Choice?

Control Your Budget Propane Account From Home

Ontario’s Third Annual Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Why Pay Peak Electricity Rates?

Uses for Propane in Your Home or Cottage

Gas Fireplaces vs. Wood Burning Fireplaces

Find Out More About Propane Tank Choices

Sister Company 'Calloway Storage' Opens in MacTier

New Video to Watch - Propane Every Day

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Free Propane eBook - Learn About Switching to Propane from Oil or Electricity

Find Out About HVAC Partnerships With Budget Propane

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Free - Home & Cottage Owners Guide to Propane

Propane & Children: Talking About Safety

Grill Recipe of the Month: Corn & Pepper Jack Quesadillas

Propane Barbecue Safety 101

It’s a Great Time to Buy or Lease a Propane Water Heater from Budget Propane

Grill Recipe of the Month: Grilling Fruit!

What to Do if You Suspect a Propane Leak

Learn All About Propane

5 Reasons Why Propane is “Green” Energy

Propane Tanks 101

Consider Propane When Constructing Your New Home

Treat Yourself This Tax Season with Propane Appliances

5 Steps to Open Your Cottage for Spring

Electricity Rates in Ontario On the Rise Again!

Top 5 Reasons to Switch from Oil to Propane

Efficiency of Propane Furnaces & Heaters

Top 5 Benefits of Switching to Propane at Your Restaurant.

The Truth About Propane Safety

5 Tips to Prepare For Winter Propane Delivery

Yes, You Can Grill During Winter!

16 Steps to Winter Storm Safety

Using Propane In Freezing Weather

Benefits of Propane as an Energy Source

The Benefits Of A Propane Fireplace

5 Easy Ways To Save Energy This Winter

How Propane Is Made

5 Tips To Prepare Your Home & Cottage For Winter

7 Steps to Winterize Your Propane Grill

3 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Furnace Filter

The Benefits of Propane Fuelled Vehicles

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Propane

Fall Into Energy Savings – Tips and Tricks to Save You Money!

Part 2 | Price Comparison - Propane Supply and Demand

Part 1 | Price Comparison - Propane, Natural Gas and Electricity

How Safe is Propane?

More than just BBQs! The Many Ways Propane Is Used Everyday

5 Must-Have Propane Appliances For Your Home

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Propane Water Heater for Your Home

What is a Propane Energy Pod?

Propane Vs Oil | Efficiency and Flexibility

Propane Vs Oil | Environmental Impact

Propane Vs. Oil? Insurance Liability

New Cottage Build? Top 5 Reasons to Choose Propane

Choosing the Right Propane Tank for Your RV or Motorhome

Propane Safety Tips for Your RV or Motorhome

Propane - The Best Choice For Your RV or Motorhome

Budget Propane Tips to Help Your Save Energy This Summer

Budget Propane Safety Tips | Using Your Propane Barbeque

It's Customer Appreciation Week at Budget Propane

Why Should You Choose Budget Propane Ontario?

Why Propane Water Heaters Are the Best Choice For Your Home or Cottage

Budget Propane Tips for Opening Your Cottage in the Spring

We're Happy to Receive this FAN's Letter to Budget Propane

Customer Thanks Budget Propane Driver

11 Interesting Facts About Propane

7 Propane Water Heater Advantages for Your Home or Cottage

5 Appliance Efficiency Tips for Your Propane Home

Propane Safety Tips for Construction Sites and Contractors

Going Away? Protect Your Home By Monitoring Your Propane Fuel Levels

Excellent Service and Great Staff at Budget Propane

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Oil to Propane

Propane Safety Tips | How to Stay Warm During a Winter Power Outage

How To Save Energy When You’re On Vacation

Switch to Propane and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Quick Home Fixes for Fast Winter Savings

High Efficiency Propane Furnaces Provide Huge Energy Savings

The Benefits of Propane Heating Vs. Electric Heat Pumps

Budget Propane November Newsletter

Discover the Benefits of Propane and How It Can Help You

Why You Should Consider Propane Heating for Commercial Use

Propane Safety Tips: Understanding Carbon Monoxide

Propane Fireplace Safety Tips For Families

Propane Service Tips For Winter Delivery

Choosing the Right Propane Fireplace for your Home

Budget Propane Helps Huntsville & Lake of Bays Fire Department With Training

Budget Propane - For All Your Home Heating & Cooking Needs

Budget Propane's Prostate Cancer Golf Tournament a Big Success!

Become a Budget Propane Ontario Customer this Fall

Study Finds Propane Reduces Greenhouse Gases

The Ten Most Cost-Effective Energy Upgrades For Your Home

Budget Propane Ontario Offers Contractor & Builder Services

Whole-Home Energy-Efficiency Improvements with Propane

A Budget Propane 'Difference' Is Our Customer Focused Staff

Propane Council Partners With Audubon To Promote Propane

Budget Propane Ontario Sponsors Fire Fighter Training

Budget Propane - Weekend Grill Recipe - Ginger Ale BBQ'd Pork Chops

Learn About Propane Cylinder Markings

Propane Safety for Your Barbecue - from Budget Propane Ontario

Learning About Propane - A Great Resource Page

Top 5 Reasons to Install a Propane Water Heater Over Oil or Electric

Calling all HVR / Heating Contractors

Propane BBQ Safety Tips from Budget Propane Ontario

Switch From Oil to Propane Heating

Using an Oil Heating Tank? It may be putting you at risk.

Budget Propane's Guide to Propane Tanks

Propane - Ontario's Eco-Friendly Fuel for Homes and Businesses

A Review of Propane & The Environment from Budget Propane Ontario

Customer Recommendation for Budget Propane Ontario

Beautiful Muskoka Home Gets Hooked Up with Budget Propane Ontario

Budget Propane Customer Testimonial for Residential Propane Delivery

Budget Propane Ontario Customer Feedback Received Service

Customer Calls to Say Thanks Budget Propane Ontario

Great Feedback From Budget Propane Ontario Customer

Customer Thanks Budget Propane Ontario Employee

Heating Your Home or Cottage with Propane this Winter Makes Sense!

Budget Propane Ontario's Wintertime Tips for Propane Use

Propane Vs Electricity

Propane Basics From Budget Propane Ontario

Retro-fitting Propane on a Gas Mower

Get Ready for the Fall with a Green Torpedo Tank from Budget Propane Ontario

Automatic Delivery Options With Budget Propane Ontario

Heating Your Home With Propane From Budget Propane Ontario

Propane is an important part of the Canadian energy market

The Best Baked Potato - Budget Propane's Hall of Flame

Budget Propane Ontario at the Muskoka Motorcycle Rally, Gravenhurst

We're Proud of Our Employees - customer focus is an attitude at Budget Propane

Budget Propane's Commercial Services in Ontario

Hall of Flame Grill Recipe - Grilled Peaches & Cream

Key Facts About Propane from Budget Propane Ontario

Budget Propane Delivers to Central Ontario - Many Options Available

Learn the Basics of Propane - the fuel of choice

Canada Post Uses Propane Vehicles to Save $ and Go Green

Team Budget Propane Rides To Conquer Cancer

Learn More About How Propane Can Lower Your Energy Costs

Propane is Ideal for Homes, Offices, Construction & Transportation

Budget Propane Offers Convenient Delivery Options to Central Ontario

Budget Propane Ontario Supports Epic BBQ ~ An Evening of Legends!

Budget Propane Ontario supports the YMCA Strong Kids Golf Tournament

Propane is a Clean, Non-Toxic Fuel - Infographic

Safety Tips for Handling a Propane BBQ Cylinder

Website Resources on Propane Fuel - From Budget Propane Ontario

Save on Propane During Budget Propane Ontario's Customer Appreciation Week

Switch from Oil to Propane and Get These Important Benefits!

Budget Propane Joins Prostate Cancer Canada in the Fight to Defeat Prostate Cancer

Water Heaters - Propane Takes On Oil & Electric

How to Handle a Propane Leak

Budget Propane Ontario Takes Delivery of New Truck at Trade Show

Automatic Delivery Option with Budget Propane Ontario

Looking For a Clean-Burning, Efficient Fuel?

Budget Propane Ontario's Water Heater Special - There is Still Time!

What Makes Propane a Better Option for Propane Customers In Ontario?

Budget Propane Ontario Tip - How to Light a Propane Gas Grill

Budget Propane Ontario Delivers Clean Energy

Reasons to Use Budget Propane for Your Commercial Fleet

Budget Propane Supplies Eco-Friendly Energy

Budget Propane Offers Tips for Adjusting Your Water Heater

Exploring Residential and Light Commercial Propane Applications

Budget Propane Ontario - Service When You Need It !

What to Do if You Suspect You Have a Propane Leak

Budget Propane Facts And Useful Tips

The Uses and Benefits of Propane

How To Check Propane Levels on Your RV or Trailer

How Propane is Made and its Many Benefits

Heating your home with propane from Budget Propane Ontario

Budget Propane Donates Funds Through Special Prostate Cancer Truck

Residential Customers Enjoy the Benefits of Propane

"Thanks for the tremendous service we received on New Year's day!"

Learn More About Propane's Applications from Budget Propane Ontario

Budget Propane Ontario Explains How Heat and Cold Affect Propane

Budget Propane Ontario Provides Resources to Learn About Propane

Budget Propane Offers Tips on How To Efficiently Use Propane At Home

Do you know how propane is made?

Propane Safety Tips from Budget Propane Ontario

See How a Gas Furnace Starts Up

Budget Propane Ontario on Propane Safety

How to Replace a Furnace Filter

Budget Propane Ontario Supplies Eco-Friendly Fuel for Your Fleet

Budget Propane Ontario has Several Delivery Options to Serve you Better

Budget Propane Suggests These Sites For More Info About Propane

Budget Propane Ontario Delivers Versatile Fuel

Links to Propane Information from Budget Propane Ontario

Little-Known Propane Facts from Budget Propane Ontario

What Budget Propane Ontario Can Do For You!

The Benefits of Using Propane-Powered Mowers

Get the Most From Your Propane Refill Central Ontario !

A Wise Choice - Propane from Budget Propane Ontario

A Brief History of Propane Use, from Budget Propane Ontario

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