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Get Your Cottage Winter-Ready With These Tips

Posted on Mon, Oct 11, 2021 @ 09:00 AM

It's been a beautiful fall so far. The colours have been spectacular. And while you are enjoying the fall leaves and other fall harvest activities, it's hard not to notice that the weather is changing and it's getting colder as we move towards November.

If you haven't already done so, it's time to get your seasonal holiday cottage ready for winter. There are a number of steps you can take now, to ensure your cottage will be secure and safe from damage during the winter ahead.

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Propane is Ideal for Homes, Commercial Buildings, Construction & Transportation

Posted on Thu, Jun 17, 2021 @ 10:25 AM

Everyone knows that propane is great for grilling, but not everyone knows that it has a wide variety of other applications as well. Safe, compact, and efficient, propane can be found nearly everywhere. Here are a few ideal applications for propane.

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New to Propane? Here's a Guide for Homeowners

Posted on Tue, Mar 23, 2021 @ 05:12 PM

According to real estate news, 2020 saw a trend for homeowners to move out of larger towns and cities and relocate to a rural community. This was partially because of so many companies transitioning to a remote workforce, where all that was needed was a quiet space and an internet connection for office workers to complete their work. Urban homeowners saw an opportunity to pull up stakes and settle into a year-round rural retreat with all the associated benefits of country living.

Housing in rural or even remote areas, is quite different than in cities - especially when it comes to energy.

Many communities in central Ontario, especially smaller villages, do not have access to natural gas and so homes are either heated by electricity, oil, or propane.

Home buyers often calculate into the purchase price how much it would cost to renovate and upgrade a property to forced air propane with central air conditioning.  Cost savings, efficiency, and environmental benefits are often cited as the reason for the preference for propane.

If you are new to propane as an energy source for your home, we've put together some helpful information in the form of a complimentary downloadable guide (PDF).

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Security & Maintenance Tips for Looking After a Vacant Cottage or Home

Posted on Wed, Oct 14, 2020 @ 02:16 PM

With the pandemic, many property owners in central Ontario have not been able to visit their cottages very often during the season. If your property is periodically vacant, security is a top of mind issue. An unoccupied or vacant property faces an increased risk when it comes to potential damage such as water damage, heating/electrical system damage and vandalism.

One thing you can do is to make sure your propane supplier has your current phone number, mailing address and email, should they need to contact you about your tank or service. Also provide them with an emergency/ alternative contact in case you are out of reach.

Mechanical failure and power outages can cause heating systems to shut down, and if that happens during the winter it can cause a big problem. Cold weather can cause pipes to freeze and burst, and if no one is around to respond considerable damage can be done. So keep that in mind for this winter.

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5 Tips That Will Help You Prepare Your Cottage for the Winter Season

Posted on Wed, Sep 30, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

You have, more than likely, got a lot of use and enjoyment out of your cottage or vacation home this summer. Now it’s important that you take a number of steps to ensure your cottage will be secure and safe from damage during the winter months.

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Why Propane is the Perfect Energy Choice for Your Remote Home or Cottage

Posted on Tue, Jan 28, 2020 @ 02:00 PM

If you live, or own a holiday cottage, in a remote location of Ontario, it’s incredibly unlikely that your property is located on the grid. That’s why, as we covered in our blog titled ‘Living off the grid: What are your energy options?’, it’s essential that you know which available energy choices are open to you.

In most cases, your home or cottage will be able to make use of solar energy, wind power or hydro power. However, one of the most accessible, efficient and cost-effective methods to power your remote property is propane.

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