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Cozy-up to a Propane Fireplace this Winter

Posted by James Callow on Thu, Nov 17, 2022 @ 12:43 PM

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As we head towards winter and the holiday season many homeowners are thinking of ways to decorate their homes to make everyone feel warm and cozy. One of the best ways to add a sense of comfort against the drop in temperatures and snowy weather is to install a propane gas fireplace to a family room.

Wood burning fireplaces are a thing of the past because of the pollution they create and the extra cost and mess of handling firewood. Did you know that propane fireplaces have up to six times the heating capacity of wood fireplaces, without the drawbacks of smoke, soot and ash, and the need to store firewood.

The Canadian Propane Association lists the following advantages for choosing to install a propane fireplace:

  • 90% combustion efficiency
  • Uniform ambient temperature
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Low operating cost
  • Produce fewer particles than wood
  • Automatic start
  • Easy installation

"Propane fireplaces can be equipped with ceramic glass that helps to diffuse heat and fans that circulate heat throughout the living space. A second heat exchanger can even capture additional heat to be circulated throughout the home." The Canadian Propane Association.

When selecting a propane fireplace you will be pleased to find out there are a full range of styles available: free-standing, built-in, and linear. And for the fireplace surrounds, you can select materials to complete you design theme, such as field stone for a rustic setting, or steel / stainless steel for a contemporary room decor.

Another design aspect is the combustion bed where the propane gas flames burn against realistic looking logs, glowing ash beds, or glass pebbles, stones and rocks.

You would be surprised at the design choices available for a propane fireplace!

While a propane fireplace will generate additional heat for your living space, if you are looking to augment heating even more, you should consider a propane heating stove. Similar in look to a free-standing wood or pellet heating stove, a propane stove comfortably heats larger living areas and are highly efficient.

If you are already heating your home with propane, adding in a propane fireplace or other propane appliances makes good sense. In many locations across Canada wood stoves are banned or restricted at certain times of the year because of the pollutants they create. A propane fireplace or stove is the top alternative - creating an attractive, cozy focal-point to a room, and adding additional heat to the space.

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