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Replace Your Electric Hot Water Heater with Propane

Posted by James Callow on Thu, Aug 13, 2020 @ 08:41 AM


Is it time to replace your electric hot water heater, or are you building a home and need to decide on which type to install? Propane water heaters are a great choice as they not only reduce your carbon footprint, but will help you save a significant amount on your energy bills.

Propane water heaters are also:

  • More efficiency
  • Safe
  • Require less maintenance
  • And much more

Learn more about the benefits in this article ‘Pull the Plug on Electricity: How a Propane Water Heater Can Save You Money’.

While you are making your decision, here's some points to think about.

Water heaters account for a huge portion of your home’s energy bills. On average, water heaters account for 20% of your bill. 

The type of water heater you choose affects more than just your monthly energy bill. It also affects your home’s resale value, your environmental impact and the safety of you and your family.

Product Longevity

Did you know that propane water heaters last much longer than electric water heaters? Propane water heaters last around a decade longer than electric water heating pumps. So, if you are looking for an economical choice that will require fewer replacements over the long run, look into a propane water heater.

How can I tell when my water heater needs replacing?

1 - Increased costs to heat water

Are you noticing that your bills are increasing each month, it may be that your propane water heater needs replacing.

Increased heating bills could be a sign that your water heater is overworking and becoming inefficient - so keep an eye on your monthly costs and investigate any unusual increases or trends.

2 - Unusual sounds

If you are hearing growling or gurgling noises in your hot water tank then it could be that sediment is building up within it. This could either be because your water heater needs replacing, or you might need an expert to carry out some basic maintenance.

3 - Unit age

A propane water heater can last up to 13 years, but if your propane or electric water heater is older than 10 years then it’s important to get in touch with an expert. They will be able to check that your water heater is operating as it should and look for any signs that it should be replaced sooner rather than later.

4 - Your hot water looks coloured

When water heaters are old, they can begin to corrode and can start to rust. Sometimes, this can be detected when you turn on your hot water tap. While your cold water will be clear, your hot water will have a slight rusty tinge to it.


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