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The Ultimate Opening-Weekend Checklist for Your Ontario-Based Cottage

Posted by James Callow on Wed, May 05, 2021 @ 02:09 PM

With the days rapidly warming up, you'll probably be thinking of opening your cottage as soon as we are given the green-light to do so.

If you are a seasoned cottage owner, you probably have developed a regular routine and know exactly what you need to do on that opening weekend.

For new cottage owners, however, the list of chores may seem overwhelming. In this blog, Budget Propane Ontario has created a list of exactly what you need to get your cottage in top shape for the coming season.

What to do before you head up to your cottage

Before heading up to your cottage, it’s first important to take your time and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything that you need. We have even heard of people driving two hours or more up to their cottage, only to realize that they have left the front door keys behind!

While we have no doubt that you’re not that forgetful, there are some other things that you should make sure you do before heading up to your cottage.

Get in touch with your utility providers or propane supplier

Before you arrive at your cottage, you will want to make sure that all your utilities are up and running - whether it be with your electricity provider or through your propane supplier. Reach out to your providers and make sure your cottage has energy, and while you’re on the phone to them you should also book your annual inspections for appliances such as propane tanks.

Get all your cottage-related documents ready to take

Since it’s a new year, you might have new insurance documents for your boat, trailer, cottage or vehicles. If you want to enjoy all of your cottage-based hobbies, make sure you have the documents to do them legally.

Pack any items you need

Are there any items that you take home over the winter months that are essential to your cottage? You may need to take items such as tool kits or cleaning supplies back up to your cottage, and don’t forget to bring some food and clothes with you as well.

What to do when you arrive at your cottage

Once you have everything you need to head back up to your cottage, you then need to think about what chores you have to do when you first get there. Since you probably haven’t been to your cottage since the fall, there are a few things you need to check to make sure your cottage is up-and-running - as well as safe.

Inspect both the exterior and interior of your property

If you haven’t been to your cottage all winter, there’s a chance that the harsh weather has caused damage. Walk around the outside and inside of your cottage and check to see if there are any issues that need to be fixed. Pay particular attention to; power lines, chimneys; windows; cupboards; fallen debris; loose roof shingles; visible cracks or holes; and signs of animals in the attic.

Clean your propane appliances

Your propane-powered appliances have probably been sitting at your cottage unused for five months or maybe even longer. By cleaning your propane-powered appliances each spring, you will ensure that they not only continue to run efficiently but that they last significantly longer as well. Before turning your propane tank and appliances on, inspect the tank, hoses and connection.

Turn the water on

It’s a tad too early to do this in March as there’s still the chance that we could have freezing cold days (unless you have a timer for your hot water), but once spring arrives and you officially open your cottage it’s time to turn the taps and hot water on. Restoring the water supply can often be one of the hardest challenges for cottage owners, with steps such as reconnecting water pipes, cleaning and priming the water pump, replacing the filter and much more. It’s possible that you may not have to do this for your cottage, but if you do and you’re not sure how to, it's always a good idea to contact a professional who can do it for you.

Do you want more information about opening your cottage for spring, or simply want to enquire about the benefits of propane? Contact Budget Propane Ontario today.

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