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Do You Hear Noises Coming From Your Propane Tank?

Posted by James Callow on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 @ 02:37 PM

Is your propane tank making a noise? Get it professionally checkedAll propane tanks are made from the same materials, therefore, all tanks will wear and tear very similarly to each other. It is important to periodically check on your propane tank to ensure that everything is running properly. Over time, age and over use of your propane tank could take a toll, causing noises to occur. These noises could either be coming directly from your propane tank or your gas line. It is important to contact your propane provider if you hear noises that don’t seem normal. Here are some ways to explain the noise and why it is occurring.

Your tank has been overfilled

If you hear a gurgling or humming noise coming from your propane tank it means that your tank has been overfilled. This could be harmful to your tank because of the excess pressure in the tank, the regulator is being strained which will decrease the propane distribution from the tank. With overfilled tanks, you could experience low heat, discoloured pilot lights and weak flames. If you feel that your tank has been overfilled, get in touch with your propane provider to fix the issue. Do not try to drain your tank on your own as it is very dangerous.

Unnatural coloured flame

Knocking sounds coming from your propane tank could indicate that the mixture between gas and air is uneven. You can also tell this by the colour of the flame. The correct colour of the flame should be blue with a yellow tip. Unnatural coloured flames could include white or yellow. Contact your propane provider immediately if you notice either of these symptoms.

Your tank is leaking

If you notice that your propane tank is producing a hissing noise, this could mean that there is a leak. In this case, immediately turn off your propane tank and call your propane provider.

All of these issues should be reported as soon as possible, so if you notice any of these sounds or symptoms coming from your propane tank, or if you have any questions regarding propane tanks, give Budget Propane a call or email us, we will be happy to help and get your propane tank working properly again. 


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