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5 Reasons You Should Start Using Propane in Your Restaurant

Posted by James Callow on Thu, Jun 28, 2018 @ 06:07 PM

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Precision is an essential component for commercial restaurants. An undercooked meal could make customers seriously ill, while an overcooked meal will stop them from coming back. Switching to propane to power your restaurant is a decision you won’t regret.

Making use of propane will not only cut operating costs and help your restaurant to become more efficient, it also heats up your appliances instantly and evenly. This makes it simpler to cook your meals to perfection. 

Using propane will improve your bottom line, improve the quality and safety of your restaurant, and allow you to market yourself as an energy efficient business. What’s to lose?

Here are five reasons you should power your restaurant with propane:

1 - Safety is paramount

Restaurant safety is a key part of your business, and propane is one of the safest fuels on the market. The characteristics and regulations applied to propane make it far safer than other fuels such as gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas.

Propane has a narrow range of flammability when compared with other petroleum products. The propane-air mix must contain between 2.2 to 9.6 per cent propane vapor in order to ignite. If it contains less than 2.2 per cent gas it is too lean to burn, and if it contains more than 9.6 per cent it is too rich to burn.

Propane won’t ignite when combined with air unless the source of air reaches at least 940 degrees Fahrenheit. This compares favourably with gasoline, which will ignite when the source of ignition is just 430 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s not even taking into account that propane tanks are around 20 times more puncture-resistant than tanks filled with ethanol, methanol or gasoline. Even if the worst case scenario occurs, propane leaks are easy to detect due to the strong smell of rotten eggs emitted.

2 - A reliable kitchen

Have you ever had a power outage in your kitchen? It can result in a significant dent in your profits, especially if it happens multiple times a year. Electric-based appliances are unreliable, and a simple power outage means your restaurant is no longer able to operate. Electric kitchens must be shut down in the event of an outage.

Propane powered kitchens, however, can continue to serve their customers as appliances will continue to work. Whether you are using propane to continually power your appliances or you simply have a propane powered backup generator, your kitchen will continue to operate and your profits will be protected.

Propane is a reliable source of power in unpredictable weather and will keep food refrigerated and will allow you to continue serving your customers. Most importantly, your business will continue to earn money.

3 - Propane is accessible

Propane is abundantly available in Ontario, and Budget Propane Ontario offers special delivery options and services. Qualified professionals can refill your propane tank safely, efficiently and most importantly, on time. Budget Propane also offers 24 hour “emergency” service, meaning your restaurant will never shut down from running out of propane.

During the harsh winter months, Budget Propane also ensures that there is a truck on the road 24/7, making sure that restaurants can receive a delivery when they need it most. Restaurants won’t need to worry about closing their doors for a weekend.

4 - Become more efficient and environmentally friendly

Compared to conventional electric and gas heating systems, propane is significantly more efficient. In fact, propane heaters are far more efficient than oil-fuelled furnaces, with ratings typically at 90 per cent or above compared to oil heaters that typically produce heat at about 60 per cent efficiency.

Not only is it more efficient, allowing your business to save money, but propane is also environmentally friendly. Propane is made from the process of refining crude oil and natural gas. Since it is a light, simple hydrocarbon, it is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels.

Propane is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved clean alternative fuel that offers lower greenhouse gas emissions than both oil and electric water heating options. This, combined with the fact it’s non toxic meaning it doesn’t damage the environment, means you can market your business as environmentally friendly and connect with a new and up-and-coming market.

5 - Precise cooking

Perhaps most importantly, cooking with propane is more precise than electric appliances. Propane provides instant heat and precise temperature control, meaning you can easily and accurately cook meals. Since elements light up immediately with propane, you’ll no longer need to stand around wasting energy while you wait for your appliances to produce heat.

Restaurateurs are facing constantly increasing operating costs and methods to help keep them down should be welcome. Propane not only meets the requirements of lower costs, but helps your business to become more reliable, more efficient and even improves the quality of your food.

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