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5 Reasons Why Propane is “Green” Energy

Posted by James Callow on Fri, Apr 29, 2016 @ 04:17 PM
Why is propane considered green energy?
More and more we are hearing about climate change. We are told to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ and switch to cleaner, greener energy to help protect our environment. But what does it mean for an energy to be ‘green’? With everyone jumping on the green-branding band-wagon it can be overwhelming and often confusing trying to decide which products to use in your home and business that will help you actually make a difference. 
It’s no different when it comes to fuel. You have a lot of choices in fueling your home, business, or automobile. It’s important to make sure you are well-informed, especially if you care about protecting the environment.
Propane is a clean-burning green fuel. Since it is a light, simple hydrocarbon, it is one of the cleanest burning fuels available. It has a lower carbon content than fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and ethanol and contains significantly less greenhouse gas emissions per productivity unit compared to other fuels. This makes it a top choice for those looking to switch to green energy.
Here are 5 reasons why propane is "Green" energy!
Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Studies have shown that propane releases significantly less greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere when released into the air, or burned as fuel. This can have a profound measurable impact on total GHG emissions year-round. Propane has a lower carbon footprint, producing 38% fewer emissions than oil, with low carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. High efficiency propane furnaces emit 10,000 fewer pounds of carbon per year than standard oil-fueled furnaces.
Propane is completely non-toxic, and cannot be spilled or dissolved in water. Although it is stored in liquid form, when released it simply vapourizes and dissipates into the air. And because of its low-carbon chemical makeup, it poses no threats to the environment and does not turn into greenhouse gasses or other harmful emissions.
Highly Efficient
Per litre, propane is generally cheaper than other fuel sources including electricity. Propane furnaces and other appliances have up to 90% efficiency or more in real-world scenarios. Propane appliances are usually high-efficiency as well, making it even easier to use less fuel on average. Less fuel means less emissions, adding to our effort to protect the environment.
EPA Approved
As an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved clean alternative fuel, propane offers lower greenhouse gas emissions than many other energy options without compromising performance in a wide range of applications. 
Low Carbon
Propane has a lower carbon content than fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and ethanol. As mentioned above, this means it produces less GHG emissions and other environmental contaminants, as well as makes it non-toxic and more stable.
We hope that reading this blog post has inspired you to consider switching your home or business to using eco-friendly and green propane fuel. It’s one huge step you can take towards making our world cleaner, and protecting the environment for future generations.
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