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Why Propane is a Better Choice for Homes & Cottages in Ontario

Posted by James Callow on Wed, Jun 07, 2017 @ 09:33 AM
Budget Propane Truck Propane Service Central OntarioWhen selecting a source of energy for both home appliances and heating systems, residents of Ontario can choose between propane, natural gas, and electricity. So how do you decide on a fuel for your home or cottage?
You'll want to consider and compare costs, energy efficiency, environmental factors, safety, and delivery/availability limitations.
Here's why we think propane is a great choice for most homeowners in Central Ontario.
While the cost of propane per volume may not make it seem like a very affordable fuel option, the efficiency with which propane burns and powers the engines, burners, and heaters in your home make it highly cost-effective. While the status of propane as the cheapest source of home energy available varies from place to place, its prices are competitive throughout most of North America.
Propane is nontoxic, and accidental leakage of the fuel poses no threat to soil or water. Provincial safety regulations ensure that propane is safely transported and stored by all who are licensed to handle propane commercially. Budget Propane Ontario is a fully licensed propane supplier in Central Ontario.
Environmentally Friendly: 
In addition to being naturally occurring and nontoxic to ground soil and water, propane is a clean-burning fuel that emits far fewer greenhouse gases than coal and other fuels. From extraction to compression to usage, propane is an eco-friendly alternative to other fuel sources.
Propane gas is compressed to be transported and stored as a liquid, making it a space-efficient fuel. Depending on your home’s heating and other propane fuel needs, a single tank of propane may power your home for months.
It's time to switch from fuel oil or electricity to propane.
If you are a resident of Central Ontario who is ready to start reaping the benefits of using propane to power your appliances and heat your home, get in touch with a member of the Budget Propane's team. Call  1 888 405.7777  to learn more about propane’s versatility as a fuel or to enquire about our delivery options and other services

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