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I Recommend Budget Propane to Everyone I Know.

Posted on Nov 8, 2023 10:18:39 AM

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  “Well, another great experience with Budget Propane. I recommend Budget to everyone i know. Every driver is so gracious and friendly. A hard job for sure especially the guys that do it during the night. Tonight the driver was David Byrnes. I had baked some fresh oatmeal/banana muffins which I gave to him and a water to help him get through his shift.” Elaine S. 

Thank You to Elaine for your wonderful feedback and review on the great customer service provided by our Budget team drivers. We thank you for choosing Budget Propane as your clean energy supplier. 

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Budget Propane is a family owned and operated bulk propane clean energy supplier to residential homes and cottages as well as commercial businesses and construction sites throughout central Ontario. 


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Annual Note of Appreciation from loyal Budget Propane Customer

Posted on Jul 6, 2023 3:13:00 PM

Budget Customer Review_July 6


 We look forward to hearing from our loyal customers like Carol and her annual letter of appreciation she sends regarding the great customer service received from all of the Budget Propane staff throughout the year. Thank You Carol for your continued support of Budget Propane.


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The Budget Team Difference

Posted on Apr 19, 2023 11:44:42 AM

Contractor review_Budget

"I wanted to pass along how fantastic Jason in (Sales) and Doug (Bulk Driver) have been to work with. I am thrilled with the service I have received from Budget, and a big factor in it is Jason and Doug’s involvement. Jason has been extremely helpful with getting me parts and line, to getting things arranged. Doug has been our main driver, I know we are in the right hands when Doug comes to fill us up."

Northern Lights Heating & Cooling

Click the link for more information on our Budget Propane HVAC Partnerships

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We Will Continue to Refer Everyone Your Way...

Posted on Dec 23, 2022 11:38:30 AM

Betty D_Review_Facebook cover

Thank You for the thoughtful holiday card from our loyal Budget customer Betty D. We are so thankful for all of our Budget customers in trusting Budget Propane as your local trusted propane supplier.

Happy Holiday's from all of us at Budget Propane.


"Thank you to everyone at Budget Propane for the exceptional service you have provided me over the years.  It has always been a positive experience.

I would like to thank Gary and his team for ensuring we never run out of fuel and all the other employee’s for doing such a great job.

We will continue to refer everyone your way and cannot express how thankful I am for everything.

Wishing everyone from the Budget Propane team a Merry Christmas."

Betty D.


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Budget Propane is a family owned and operated bulk propane supplier to residential homes and cottages as well as commercial businesses and construction sites throughout central Ontario. 





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I Know I Am With the Right Company says Budget Propane Customer

Posted on Dec 1, 2022 11:40:50 AM

Don Review_Budget_Blog post

Thank You MJ.P. for taking the time to let us know of your experience and how our team acted quickly to resolve your concerns and promptly come up with a solution.                                                   We very much appreciate your business!                                                  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

" A few weeks back I sent a message to express my concern over a "service" issue that was not resolved and resulted in me getting quotes from other service providers. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from the Service Manager, Don, from Budget, Gravenhurst. I explained the problem and why I have concerns. He listened and provided a fair and measured response. Not only did he correct the issue, he assured me if I had any further issues I could call him directly. As a result of his call and resolution, I once again have faith in Budget. I knew then that the owner actually reads the feedback from this website, but acts on them. Last evening, Budget came to fill my tank. I advised him of the tank issue so he could fill the tank accordingly and we shared our stories about Budget. Mine was about how impressed I was that there was a prompt response to my concern and his was about how well employees are treated by this company. I now know that I am with the right company and that there is no problem that cannot be fixed. I hope anyone who has a concern takes it forward and allows them to resolve the problems promptly and fairly. Thanks again." MJ.P


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Budget Employee Goes Above & Beyond

Posted on Nov 24, 2022 4:26:19 PM


We really appreciate S.J for taking the time to let us know when our employees are going above and beyond. We are very proud of our Budget employees. 


"Your employee Owen delivered a new propane tank on Saturday to our cottage property.  Owen went above and beyond ... unless this level of dedication is expected throughout your company in general! You have by now heard the story from Owen himself.  He decided not to drive down our driveway but to park up on the ring road and pull the old tank out and back up to his truck.   We have 1.55 acres and Owen's efforts were extended through that square footage as his exchange was kitty corner from one diagonal side of our property over to the other.   His drag was inch by inch.  It was an incredible feat and left alone he managed the task in hand.   He was polite and extremely professional in his approach when inside the cottage as he turned off the fireplace and explained the process.   Then again over three hours later - as he returned to the cottage to restart the fireplace and bid me farewell.   I sure hope he had a great Saturday night of fun to look forward to and a well deserved solid night's sleep. 

You have an exemplary employee on your watch."  



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Another Happy Budget Propane Customer

Posted on Nov 11, 2022 11:14:16 AM

Thank you Vicki for taking the time to provide us your feedback on how we are doing. We really appreciate your support. All the best on your move into your new home. 

Vicki Marian Chuck_Facebook


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Total Propane Experience Has Been Phenomenal

Posted on Nov 3, 2022 4:16:53 PM


Budget Propane Review_VR_Oct 31


Thank You to V.R for taking the time to provide us your feedback on your experience with Budget Propane. 

"Right from meeting Tom to having Ray do the install the total propane experience has been phenomenal. Everyone I've dealt with has been wonderful and informative. I'm very happy so far." 


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High praise for Budget Propane's Service & Remote Tank Monitoring

Posted on Jul 29, 2022 10:32:00 AM



Really appreciate this wonderful review from a Budget Propane customer.


"Dear James, I hope you realize your staff. each person I've talked to over the years has nothing but the highest praise for your kindness, accessibility, and administrative excellence. Having had my ears trained to detect falsehoods over 20 years as an Official Court Reporter at the Toronto Superior Court of Justice, I know they speak nothing but their genuine admiration, personal and professional, for you.

I am also a great fan as a paying customer! As Simon & Garfunkel sang, (paraphrased) you truly keep the customer satisfied and do your best to make our propane supply easily paid for, the latest Otodata is a stroke of genius. This winter, rather than galumphing through four feet of snow wearing over the knee boots, I shall wait for my Otodata to let both me and Budget know when I need a refill."

A very happy customer,

A. B.


Click here to learn how to become a Budget Propane customer, and click here to learn more about remote tank monitoring! We're ready to supply all your propane needs, residential, cottage, commercial and construction.


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First Nations Band Leader Appreciates Budget's Island Propane Service

Posted on Mar 4, 2022 1:25:53 PM

Testimonials for Budget

Really appreciate hearing from C.H., a Budget Propane customer about our attention to customer service!


"Thank you for scheduling and having a small top up delivery to my tank last week.

Although I probably would have made it to April, I now have the comfort level to make it to the spring.

Please also thank the "new" delivery person assigned to our island as well. I know the other gentleman who serviced the island retired.

As a band member of and legal counsel to our First Nation I can confidently say our island residents who use your services deeply appreciate all the Budget does for us to get through the winter months."

~ C.H.


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