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Everything Went Smoothly With No Issues at All. Would Definitely Recommend Them for Any Propane Services

Posted by Crystal Stone-Simms on Jun 4, 2024 5:03:28 PM

Budget Propane Testimonial_blog_June 4 2024


“Installation of Budget Propane services went smoothly with no issues at all. Kyle, the sales rep, was great to deal with and answered any questions I had. Once the account was setup, Budget service phoned to setup a date for tank installation. Onced installed, Budget Propane automatically filled the tank. Great app, Nee-Vo, and I can now monitor the propane level. I have to say, everything went smoothly with no issues at all. Would definitely recommend them for any propane services.”

Thank You to B.L for taking the time to provide us you're feedback on the wonderful service you received from our Sales, Service & Delivery team. We appreciate you choosing Budget Propane as your local clean energy supplier. 

To hear more about our exceptional service guarantee , click the link for more testimonials from other Budget Propane customers.

Budget Propane is a family owned and operated clean energy bulk propane supplier to residential Homes, Cottages and Businesses across Central Ontario. 


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